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NZDAC is coming! Here's some help with preparation and packing

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

So My NZDAC preparation started months ago, as I made some specific goals and made a training and fitness plan. I'm determined, best I can, to feel like I made my best effort to prepare for the event.

But now it's getting closer to the event I wanted to give you some ideas of long event and trip preparation.

The polo field at Morrinsville Rec grounds - this is the field that the NZDAC rings will be on!

The area the event is being held

I'm lucky to live only a couple of minutes from the park where NZDAC is being held.... it's actually my go too walking spot away from home for my dogs. Morrinsville is relatively small - it has a couple of supermarkets, a bunch of takeaway places, a Warehouse, one Pharmacy (NOTE - it's only opened limited hours!) and lot's of rural companies. It's also only around 30 minutes drive from Cambridge, Matamata, and Hamilton which is handy!

Raw food nearby:

  • New World supermarket has some fresh Jimbo's products, Possyum, and usually has offal in the meat section.

  • The Countdown often has Chicken Carcuses in the offal section, and has frozen bags of Jimbo's patties.

  • Tame Wolf is pretty close by

  • Raw Essentials in Hamilton, and Cambridge

  • The BP has frozen pilchards in the bait freezer

  • The New World and all the service stations have Ice freezers, the closest to the grounds is probably New World.

  • There is no Animates or other large Pet Store in Morrinsville.

My favourite takeaway places in town:

  • Loxies is a fantastic Cafe - food, coffee, it's all excellent!

  • Thai Delight

  • Curry Delight has great Indian food

  • Saz Kebab

  • But there's a ton that are excellent! Most are in the main street of town.

Other things of interest

The River walk at the Rec grounds

The wider area

Here's a few ideas of fun things you can do in the surrounding area if your staying in the Waikato for a little longer.

  • Karangahape Gorge has some lovely walks you can take the dog on

  • Waihi Beach has a off lead dog end

  • Hobbiton in Matamata

  • Ruapuke Beach is over in the Raglan area, but a very remote beach that dosent have the volume of people and dogs that you usually find in Raglan.

  • Te Aroha has a cool mineral spa if you want to treat yourself, and a fun Goldmine walk you can do with the dogs


Here's some things to remember of consider packing.

  • Duct tape. Always handy for those emergency fix up situations!

  • Soap. Because there's nothing worse than a poo covered dog in your vehicle. We love this one.

  • Dog coats. October historically has unpredictable weather. I pack for the dogs warm coats (Pomppa), waterproof coats (Scribbler Pets), recovery coats (Back on Track), and just in case cool coats. Oh, and a human coat too (Scribbler!).

First Aid supplies

  • Vet Wrap (even better if it's glitter Vet Wrap!)

  • Heat / cold pack

  • Arnica - my favourite is Traumeel tablets... useful for humans and dogs with sore areas!

  • Pumpkin Powder - awesome to add for dogs with upset tummies

  • Fish Oil - a great all around inflammation and joint support, but there is also evidence it can help in recovery. This is SO important in a big event!

  • Slippery Elm powder - for upset tummies

  • Antihistamines

  • Medication - get anything from your vet in advance that you might need!

  • Foot care supplies - paw balm, booties etc. in case of pad injuries

  • Skin itchyness / irritation care - we use Shy Tiger Soothe and Protect

  • General packing and wound wrapping supplies

  • Saline fluid for flushing wounds

  • Sissors, nail clippers

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