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Focusing Fizz into Fit

Our high arousal, or over the top dogs need fitness just as much as any performance athlete.

There are a huge number of benefits to canine fitness for OTT sports dogs, including (but not limited too):

  • Creating muscle memory for correct form in movements and positions

  • Building muscle to stabilize joints, and potentially help in injury prevention

  • And more...

But heres the thing.... by using specific training and fitness strategies you can also create a calmer conditioned emotional response (CER) to work in a fitness context, and potentially transfer that CER to your sport

The cool thing is that these strategies aren't just for OTT dogs. They're also going to help ANY dog perform fitness exercises in great form.

I'm excited to present a webinar with Fenzi Dog Sports Academy 'Focusing Fizz into Fit'

This webinar will cover:

🐕 What is ‘over the top’ for performance dogs?

🐕 Why fitness train with these high arousal dogs?

🐕 Key training skills

🐕 Fitness skill consideration

🐕 Putting it all together: what will a workout look like?

🐕 Taking it out of the gym: taking these concepts and skills to your sport

This webinar is suitable for:

💜 handlers of high arousal dogs

💜 handlers of dogs training and/or competing in performance sports

💜 trainers working with high arousal dogs

💜 dogs with some fitness foundations, that want to progress their fitness to make them appropriate for their sports

Note - the fitness skills discussed are assuming dogs and handlers have some basic understanding of fitness training already.

Need more convincing? Listen to me podcast on this topic here.

To join me in the webinar, purchase it here!

If you can't join live this will be accessible to you for at least a year in your FDSA library, or indefinitely if you do at least one FDSA course/ workshop/ webinar a year.

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