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Caring for your Star Athlete

I'm so excited for my brand new Fenzi Dog Sports Academy class, starting very soon in the June term.

This class really is everything that I love - looking big picture at all the aspects of your canine teammates emotional and physical wellbeing.

This class will cover a large number of topics, but the focus is overall managing all aspects of wellbeing for your canine athlete. This includes:

  • Home life

  • Training

  • Competition

  • Emotions

  • Physical fitness and wellbeing

You can view the full syllabus here.

Who is this class for?

This class is designed for any handler with an invested interest in the all around wellbeing of their canine teammate. It would suit:

  • Any performance / sports team

  • A young dog who's handler hopes to start competing soon

  • Older teams that might want to manage their dog health and wellbeing as they age

  • Teams wanting help addressing a ring or training issue

  • Dogs and handlers wanting to start, or progress their dogs fitness training

  • Teams wanting to make a specific fitness plan and workout(s) for their dogs sports

  • Dogs that struggle with stress or arousal in their sports

  • Trainers wanting to expand their training skills to evaluate and address more than just the actual skill training

  • Handlers wanting to improve their training skills and mechanics

What equipment do you need?

For fitness specific exercises it will be useful to have: 

  •  A set of cavaletti poles

  •  A range of platforms

  •  Target mats

  •  Some unstable equipment like wobble cushions, foot pods

However I can give you plenty of ideas on DIY or creative equipment options that suit you, and your dogs!

How do the gold, silver, and bronze levels work?

There are three levels of registration for the six week class.

  • Gold - gold is limited to 15 spots, and this is 'full access'. You get your own specific homework thread, to ask all and any questions, and to submit up to 6 minutes of video per week.

  • Silver - these spots are excellent value for money, and limited to 25. You get to ask a ton of questions, and over the 6 weeks post a total of 2 minutes of video time for specific help and feedback.

  • Bronze - these are unlimited, and essentially auditing. You get to see all the forums (including gold and silver students homework threads), all the lecture materials.

All students also get access to a Facebook study group, and an awesome TA (Training Assistant) Gaye Stammers who can answer questions through the study group.

All students also retain access to the lecture material forever (as long as you do one class a year) in your library.

Prices are in USD

Still worried that Bronze is out of your price range? Did you know that you can apply for a FDSA Scholarship? This, if granted, will reduce the bronze class level to 50%.

I really hope that you will join me in class. If you have any further questions please email me on

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