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Does your OTT dog do fitness?

Sometimes our over the top (or high arousal) dogs don't do fitness. I mean, why bother? They seem to be fast enough in their sport right? What's the point?

Or maybe it's that they're just a bit too much... in fitness, as well as in your sports. Maybe they bark at you, bite at your gear (cute the first time they pick up and play with a foot pods, not so cute the 14th time), or just have way too much stampy feets.

Here's the thing. Your OTT sports dog needs fitness just as much as more 'level headed' dogs, or perhaps more.

Here's some of the reasons why:

🐕 Lots of the time OTT dogs, even though they may have speed, rely on momentum instead of muscle control for movements.

🐕 Fitness exercises can create muscle memory for correct form of positions and movements in your sport, even when your dogs brain is on high arousal auto mode.

🐕 OTT dogs are at risk of injury when highly aroused in their sport, as they are often adrenaline driven. Fitness and cross training can provide strength, stability, and proprioception that can reduce the risk of injury.

Convinced yet? Join my FDSA Webinar 'Focusing Fizz into Fit' to learn strategies to enable you to do effective and enjoyable workouts with your OTT wildchild.

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