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SuperDog is a nutrient-rich organ mix sprinkle or food topper for dogs:

Give your beloved canine companion the best with our SuperDog, carefully crafted with equal parts of Beef Lung, Beef Kidney, Beef Heart, Beef Spleen, and Beef Pancreas. Sourced from certified humane, regenerative farms in New Zealand, this mix is designed to provide exceptional health benefits to support your dog's well-being from puppyhood to their golden years.

Our Organ Mix includes specific organs known for their exceptional health benefits. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and peptides, it provides comprehensive support for your dog's overall health. SuperDog is rich in Selenium and Iron, which are vital minerals for supporting the health and longevity of your dog

Beef Lung: Rich in Vitamin C, B12, and various other B vitamins such as Riboflavin, Niacin, and Pantothenic Acid. It also contains high amounts of Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, and Selenium.

Beef Kidney: Contains DAO (Diamine Oxidase), supporting histamine regulation. It is also a great source of Selenium, Vitamin A, and Copper.

Beef Spleen: Enhances immune function by supporting the production of red and white blood cells for fighting infections. It is notably high in Iron.

Beef Pancreas: helps regulate blood sugar and digestion. Contains high quantities of B5, B12 and selenium, as well as digestive enzymes.

Beef Heart: contains CoQ10, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B12. supports cardiovascular health, rich in zinc for immune health.

Directions for Use:

1 Tsp = 5gm powder

Add 1/2 tsp to 100g of raw meat fed

Additional Features:

Ethically Raised Beef: We take pride in sourcing our beef from 100% ethically raised cattle, ensuring the highest standards of animal welfare.

Hormone and Pesticide Free: Our Organ Mix is free from hormones and pesticides, providing a pure and wholesome option for your dog's nutrition.

No Fillers or Flow Agents: We believe in offering a product of utmost quality, free from any unnecessary fillers or flow agents.

Third-Party Tested: Our Organ Mix undergoes thorough third-party testing to ensure purity, safety, and integrity.

Human Grade Ingredients: We only use 100% human-grade ingredients in our Organ Mix, reflecting our commitment to quality and excellence.

Upgrade your dog's diet with our nutrient-rich SuperDog and witness the positive impact on their health and vitality.

Homegrown Hound Superdog (5 organ mix)

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