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WEBINAR Focusing Fizz: Managing Arousal in Fitness

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Turn your Richard Simmons (just way too much of everything) into The Rock (a cool, calm and collected buff beast). Got a crazy sports dog? Perhaps a little too crazy? Dogs that are just a bit over the top (arousal issues) in their sport, are often highly aroused in most things they consider ‘work’. However in fitness, there are strategies that we can use to purposely manage this arousal. These strategies can then be applied to help manage arousal in your chosen sport. By focusing on some key fitness skills and structuring the workout to encourage calmness, we can use fitness skills to work on arousal in a ‘work’ context. This will not only provide some much needed fitness and conditioning work, but also give you some skills (with a calmer CER associated) that you can start to transfer to your performance sport context. This webinar will cover: What is ‘over the top’ for performance dogs? Why fitness train with these high arousal dogs? Key training skills Fitness skill consideration Putting it all together: what will a workout look like? Taking it out of the gym: taking these concepts and skills to your sport

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