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Dog Training for Sports, and Pet life skills

We can help you build a relationship with your dog to ensure that they have appropriate and useful life skills like leash walking, recalls to help them live their best pet life, and help ensure sports teams can successfully compete in their choosen sports happily.

Services We Offer

  • Pet Dog Training Learn to communicate with your pet so that you can teach any life skills you want, with speed and ease

  • Solving life problems like lead walking, resource guarding, household management, recalls, to enable you to enjoy your pet out in the world

  • Cooperative care training Learn how to empower your dog to have a say, and make those difficult tasks like nails a little easier

  • Performance sports foundation training perfect your young dog's skills across a range of dog sports (agility, tricks, fitness, nosework, disc etc) that will allow for fast skill development

  • Performance sports skill training to enable preparation for competition and titling 

  • Litter evaluations Get help in evaluating a litter from an experienced and independent person, enabling you to make good decisions about your puppies future homes

  • Canine fitness training Get your dog assessed, and and teach them appropriate fitness skills, in great form, to help your dog be stronger and healthier, and excel in life or their chosen sport

  • Canine bodywork (including kinestheology taping, canine massage, PEMF bed and Red Light treatments)

  • Canine Nutrition. Help finding a diet that works for you, and your dog. 

  • Therapy and school support dog training Get help making sure that your dog, and students can benefit from an in school support dog.

  • Commercial dog modelling and commercial project animal management

  • Day training or Puppy camp Drop your dog off to have specific skills taught over a day, or more. This is great for time poor people who want someone else to work through the details and process of teaching specific behavior's. 


Many of these services can occur one on one in a private lesson, an in-person class, a workshop hosted at Hybrid Training, in a workshop at your place, or online via a private Facebook group or Google meet. 

We specialize in looking at all aspects of your dogs life to help them to be happy and healthy, including training, managing and modifying behavior's, enrichment, diet, exercise, and their emotional wellbeing. 

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About Us

Experienced (ten years plus training experience),  certified, science backed positive reinforcement and relationship based training.

Hybrid Training is all about helping you and your canine teammate become a happy and successful team, whether that be in every day life or a competitive sport.

  • We look at all aspects of your dogs life from training, to fitness, to enrichment, to their body and home environment to ensure your dog is healthy and happy.

  • We help you become a better trainer with attention to training mechanics details.  We can help you meet your training and competition goals, and your dog love the journey. 

How would I help you train new things? 

We use positive reinforcement to train new behavior's. That means we reward (with something the dog likes) desirable behavior's. This helps you build a fantastic relationship with your dog, and work fast towards your end goal.

What would I do if things go wrong? 

Firstly we would use management tools (such as a lead and harness, longline, station, crate, puppy pen) to prevent your dogs undesirable behavior's from happening. Then we would reapproach the plan on how to teach the desirable behavior making sure you understand the plan, and feel confident carrying this out, to ensure success.


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