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Foundation Fitness Skills

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This course is to help you teach the foundation fitness skills with an eye to great form. These foundation skills are what we put together for more complex fitness skills, and when a dog is ready for a full workout. This course is appropriate for all dogs who have clearance for fitness training, including young dogs. This class includes information and instruction on: - Fitness guidelines - Working with puppies and young dogs - Reinforcement marker cues - Working with an open food dish - The concept of stillness - Stillness strategies including reverse luring - Taking breaks (relaxation protocol) - Fitness equipment - Feet on items (front, rear and all feet) - Sit, down, stand - Side stepping - Reversing - Individual paw targeting - Turning in circles - Cavaletti - Confidence with movement, textures, and equipment - Introduction to bodywork

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Canine Workout Classes

Canine Workout Classes

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