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This Facebook group is a paid membership, focused on making informed decisions about what you feed your canine family members, and how you feed them. This is a pay once to join deal, so it's an awesome price! 


On purchase you will have an immediate download of a PDF with instructions on how to join the group. Please read this carefully, and be sure to answer the membership questions. 


The Facebook group will: 

 - Actively post at least once or twice a week with topical issues, ingredient spotlights, recipies, product analysis and more

 - Contain details of veterinary nutrition professionals if you need a referral

 - Actively moderate posts to keep it all on topic!

 - Allow you to ask questions

 - Share local products, and sources of appropriate food

 - Contain a reference post to good books etc. if you want to dive deeper into nutrition

 - Contain the Hybrid Dog Training Nutrition PDF for free (downloadable, not to be shared outside of the group). 

 - Provide some entertainment (from Hayley, one of the admins!)

 - Give ideas of different food based enrichment



  • The focus is appropriate and enriching nutrition, and while kibble may be discussed, the focus is on biologically appropriate fresh food.
  • This group is part of the Hybrid Dog Training services.
  • Please note that this group is not the place to ask for veterinary / medical advice, and we are not able to advice on specific medical nutrition related needs, and such posts will be directed to the referral file and comments disabled.
  • This group is also a place that we can have information about New Zealand based fantastic raw and fresh feeding supplies and products.
  • Please note that only products that you have personally used are appropriate, no over the top marketing will be allowed.


Your admin team are Kelly Sarah, and Hayley Holm

HDT Canine Nutrition and Food Enrichment Facebook Group (paid membership)

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